Holding Foundations in Switzerland

The Foundation-owned company model from theory to practice

Delphine Bottge

Delphine Bottge is an Academic Fellow at the Centre for Philanthropy (University of Geneva). She has conducted research on Foundations Ownership (i.e Holding Foundations), contributing to a better understanding of this model which combines economy and philanthropy and generates a virtuous circle, in line with the new economy. This book presents the results of her analysis on more than one hundred Swiss foundations, which hold companies, and highlights the diversity of structures and incentives, presenting case studies of prominent foundations (Victorinox and Carl und Elise Elsener-Gut, Hans Wilsdorf (Rolex), 1890 (Servette), Baur, EspeRare, etc.). This book will be of interest to academics (students, researchers) as well as to practitioners (business leaders, foundation board members, lawyers, notaries, family offices) and anyone addressing philanthropy, corporate sustainability, governance and hybrid models generating a positive impact on society.

Attorney at Law at the Geneva Bar (Switzerland) since 1995 and founder of Purpose Lawyers, Delphine Bottge has devoted her practice for the past 20 years to philanthropy, governance and the exploration of new economic and societal models. As a recognized expert, she accompanies and advises philanthropists and their families, companies and their leaders, foundations and project leaders.

We invite you to visit the website of the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy to access the free PDF version. 

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21,44 CHF

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Auteur Delphine Bottge
Type Essai
Format 15 × 22 cm
Nombre de pages 120
ISBN 9782940723706
Titre Holding Foundations in Switzerland
Sous-titre The Foundation-owned company model from theory to practice
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Date de parution 19.12.2022